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Premium Mushroom culture

Premium Mushroom culture

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Introducing our exclusive range of Premium Mushroom Cultures, presented in meticulously prepared agar plates.

Our cultures stand out for their quality and diversity, catering to both the curious beginner and the experienced mycologist. Each strain is carefully isolated and selected for its strong and vibrant growth, promising you an exciting and successful cultivation experience.

Given the attention to detail and the rigorous standards we maintain in preparing these cultures, we ask for a lead time of 2-3 weeks for each order. This allows us to ensure that each culture you receive is freshly prepared, vigorous, and ready to colonize. We appreciate your patience and guarantee that the quality of our product is well worth the wait.

Dive into the fascinating world of mycology with our premium cultures and watch as they transform your substrate into a flourishing mycelial network, and eventually, into bountiful fruiting bodies. Grow your own with confidence, knowing that you're starting with the best.

Please note, always follow proper procedures for maintaining sterile conditions to get the best results from our cultures.

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Customer Reviews

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Carl Cooper
contaminated spawn

i received a well packaged carton containing my order. However i was disappointed to receive contaminated spawn for both milky and oyster mushroom strains.
The lions mane culture plate was healthy and clean.