Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

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  • Sustainable

    All of our kits are made from a blend of locally sourced, all-natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients from farms in Kerala, India.

  • Guaranteed to Grow

    The kits at our store are crafted after multiple trials of different species of mushrooms. We guarantee the first harvest and atmost 3 times harvest under proper atmospheric conditions.

  • Safe and Edible

    The crop you get is edible oyster mushrooms which are rich in nutrients and has many health benefits.

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  • Nishija Anwar


    Growing mushroom is an incredible experience. Never thought this was so simple to grow in our home. Everyday, I was thrilled to see the growth of each buds. Within one week, I got the first batch of my lovely mushrooms. So much excited that I started for the second batch from the same bag !!Thanks to Raeesa & Adam for the lovely experience.

  • Parvathy Shankar


    Growing the funguy experience is amazing!! Each time you go visit the funguy, it would have grown a bit. Literally you can see them growing!!!And yeah you can harvest and directly cook. The recipes provided was really helpful and the little diy s was informative and fun! I would defnitely recommend this product. I Loved growing it! Thank you soo much for introducing the Funguy.

  • Saajida Shajahan

    Grow the funguy has been a wonderful experience for me. I usually find it a lot of effort to grow plants. But Grow the Fungy has been super easy and fun. Within less than 10 days you get to see it bloom, which gives a unique feeling of happiness and satisfaction. And ofcourse, your tummy is also happy! This is not just about getting to have some mushrooms, but its in the experience that the true taste lies!

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