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All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag - Dung loving Mushroom Grow Bag 1.25KG

All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag - Dung loving Mushroom Grow Bag 1.25KG

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Discover the easiest way to grow milky mushrooms or dung-loving mushrooms with our All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag. This unique growing solution allows you to inject your liquid culture or spore syringe directly into the bag and watch the magic happen - all in the same convenient bag!


  1. Simple and efficient: No need to transfer mycelium or perform complicated steps. Just inject your liquid culture or spore syringe into the bag, and let the mushrooms grow.
  2. Ideal for milky mushrooms and dung-loving mushrooms: Our All-In-One Grow Bag is specially designed for cultivating these unique mushroom varieties.
  3. Premium sorghum substrate: We use high-quality sorghum, an ideal substrate that promotes healthy mycelium growth and abundant fruiting.
  4. Enhanced with Mycomix: Our special blend of nutrients and additives, Mycomix, ensures your mushrooms have everything they need to thrive.
  5. Step-by-step instructions: We've got you covered with a helpful video tutorial to guide you through the entire process. Check it out here:

Start your mushroom-growing journey with our All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag and experience the joy of cultivating your own dung-loving mushrooms with ease. Order yours today and enjoy the simplicity of this innovative growing solution!

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Customer Reviews

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Not enough grain in your mix and not clean.

Not enough nutrient grain in your mix. It is now 32days since introducing spores and now all the grain dots have got green.
Unclean mix.
Same spores were introduced to sterilized wheat berries and red rice, and mycelium is healthy.