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MycoMix Coir and compost-Based Sterile Mushroom Bulk Substrate - 1KG

MycoMix Coir and compost-Based Sterile Mushroom Bulk Substrate - 1KG

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Introducing MycoMix, the ultimate solution for mushroom growers looking to maximize their yield! Our sterile bulk mushroom substrate has been carefully formulated by expert mycologists to ensure optimal growth for designed for compost loving mushroom species.

Featuring a proprietary blend of compost, coco coir, and several quality substrate supplements (kept secret to maintain our competitive edge!), MycoMix has been perfected over several years and is widely trusted by mushroom growers for its outstanding results.

With a moisture content set to field capacity, our substrate bag is suitable for use in monotubs, filter bags, and outdoor beds. Alternatively, grow mushrooms directly from the bag or tray in a humidity-controlled grow room.

To achieve the best results, we recommend mixing 1 colonized grain spawn bag with 1 MycoMix. Higher inoculation rates may improve your success, so feel free to experiment!

At Growthefunguy, we take sterilization seriously. Our MycoMixs are sterilized in a commercial-grade autoclave and verified for sterility using biological indicators and temperature sensors. Bags can be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight for several months before use, so you can order with confidence.

To ensure your success, we recommend using clean hands, latex gloves, and a sterile technique when handling MycoMix. Be sure to mix colonized grain spawn thoroughly into your substrate, and wait at least one week after arrival before using sterile substrates to ensure they were not compromised during transit. However, if your substrate was compromised, we offer a 100% guarantee and will replace it without hesitation.

Don't settle for mediocre mushroom yields - try MycoMix today and experience the difference for yourself! Please note that Growthefunguy's products should be used only for Milky Mushrooms.
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