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NutriPellet - Supplement for Mushroom Cultivation

NutriPellet - Supplement for Mushroom Cultivation

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Introducing Nutripellet - the ultimate supplement for your mushroom substrate! Our specially formulated blend of agricultural byproduct is designed to provide your mushrooms with the optimal nutrition they need for robust and healthy growth.

Nutripellet is the perfect choice for a wide range of mushroom varieties, including lions mane, king oyster, pioppini, pink and golden oyster, and chestnut mushrooms. These pellets are packed with essential nutrients, including nitrogen and protein, which are crucial for the fruiting and development of your mushrooms.

When combined with Mushpellets, Nutripellet produces high-quality fruiting blocks that are sure to impress. Our premium pellets are carefully crafted to ensure that they are the ideal consistency for blending with substrate, making the process easy and hassle-free. You can supplement at 10% and slowly increase your way to find the right ratio for your mushrooms. 

With Nutripellet, you can rest assured that your mushrooms are getting the best possible start. Whether you're a seasoned mushroom grower or just starting out, our supplement is the perfect choice for achieving optimal growth and producing bountiful yields.

So why wait? Try Nutripellet today and take your mushroom growing to the next level!

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