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SAB - Still Air Box

SAB - Still Air Box

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Introducing our Still Air Box - the perfect solution for home growers who want to work with cultures without breaking the bank.

How it Works: The Still Air Box creates a barrier to harmful particles that are floating in the air around you. By keeping the air inside the box still, millions of particles such as bacteria and fungal spores that could harm your mycelium lose their velocity and fall to the ground. The result is a clean and still environment for you to work in.

How to Use: To use the Still Air Box, simply clean all surfaces inside the box with a sanitiser, then position it in a room with no moving air and all doors and windows closed. After spraying and wiping with alcohol, let everything sit for 10 minutes to allow particles to stick to the moist surface. Avoid taking your hands in and out as much as possible, and be careful if using alcohol and flame sterilising equipment.

What Procedures Can You Do?
The Still Air Box is perfect for pouring and sealing agar plates, cloning mushroom tissue to agar plates, isolating and transferring mycelium from one plate to another, and inoculating grain spawn with Liquid Culture or Agar plates. In fact, you can do pretty much anything you could do in front of a laminar flow hood.

Pros and Cons: The Still Air Box is cheap and easy to build, saves you money, and greatly raises your success rate. However, it is restrictive and time-consuming compared to a LFH, and your success rate is not near 100%. Additionally, the box can only fit a certain amount of things inside at once, so you are restricted with how much you can inoculate at once.

Invest in our Still Air Box for a reliable and cost-effective way to work with cultures at home.

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