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Sterilized grain bag 1KG 100% with autoclave injection port

Sterilized grain bag 1KG 100% with autoclave injection port

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Grow with ease using Growthefunguy's best-selling organic sterilized grain spawn bag. Developed by mycologists, this bag guarantees speedy and large mushroom growth thanks to its proprietary blend of hydrated millets. The self-healing injection port (color may vary) and 0.2-micron filter make inoculation easy while blocking contaminants and promoting proper gas exchange.

Ideal Spawn-to-Bulk Ratio: Use 0.5KG of colonized grain spawn for every 2.5KG of manure or hardwood substrate.  Check the "Inoculation and Colonization" section for complete information.

Why Millet?

Millet is a better choice than rye and wheat due to its low endospore load, making it resistant to contamination. Its small size also offers more inoculation points for the same volume of grain, leading to even and abundant mycelium growth. Plus, being a high-nutrient medium, it promotes rapid mycelial expansion.

Sterilization Process: Growthefunguy's grain spawn bags are sterilized in a commercial autoclave. Sterility is ensured through the use of biological indicators and temperature sensors.

InoculationInoculate the grain bag easily by injecting your spore or culture syringe through the self-healing port in a sterile environment. Maintain hygiene by using clean hands and latex gloves to prevent contamination.

Allow a minimum of 1 week after receiving the bag before inoculating, it to ensure its integrity during transit. We guarantee your satisfaction, and in case of compromise, we'll replace the bag.

Use 1ccs per 0.5KG injection port bag for best results. Avoid using the entire syringe in a single bag as it can cause over-saturation and lead to anaerobic conditions, hindering mycelium growth.

Storing: Grain bags should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. No refrigeration is necessary. They can also be stored for several months before use.


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